Gold Trading

Our gold trading process is clearly summarised in the sections below for your convenience, please contact us should you require further clarification.

Gold Analysis

Analyse items to determine gold content

  • Weighing metal content initially,
  • Smelting contents using induction furnace,
  • Weighing it after smelting,
  • Drilling it and using drillings for XRF scanning (XRF Thermoscientific scanner) testing its purity. Displaying scanned reading to the customer to make sure he/she understands the established purity of his gold content.

Gold Pre-assessment

Pre assess gold to determine gold value

  • Valuing after analysing a customer’s items,
  • Offering a mutually agreeable price calculating on fine gold content weight and on current per-ounce prices of gold.

Gold Assessment

Finalising assessment and payment

  • Taking pre assessed items to mining commissioner in the national centre for final assessment and paperwork conclusion,
  • Concluding paperwork necessary for final assessment and sealing the content into parcel.
  • Once that transaction is accomplished, buyer send reports and assuring payment execution via bank transfer to the owner of the gold items.

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